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Student Health Center Dermatology Clinic

The SHAC Dermatology Clinic is a teaching clinic. A consultant, a Board Certified dermatologist supervises residents (licensed MDs), from the Department of Dermatology and Medicine. Medical students also attend. Patients are seen first by doctors in training who present the clinical information to the consulting dermatologist for confirmation of the diagnosis and formation of a treatment plan. Diagnostic tests such as skin biopsies are performed by the physicians in training under the supervision of a consulting dermatologist.

On the day of your appointment, please go to the Reception Area on the first floor where you will be given an Encounter Form with labels. Take this form with you to the Dermatology Clinic area, which is on the second floor at the east end of the building. Sign your name on the sign-in sheet, and give the Encounter Form to the clinic nurse.

Because it is a teaching clinic and because unanticipated procedures, such as biopsies, may be done, there may be a delay in being seen. The staff will make every effort to see you in a timely manner, but you may have to wait.

A fee is charged for the clinic visit. Additional charges are incurred for diagnostic tests or biopsies performed in the clinic. The clinic nurse can discuss charges with you, so ask if you have any questions. If you have one of the Student Insurance Plans, you can discuss insurance coverage with the Insurance Specialist at the Reception Area. A no-show/ late cancellation fee will be charged if you do not keep your appointment or if you cancel after the deadline.

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If you are a potential patient for the UH Dermatology Clinic, wanting to set up an appointment, please call
(505) 272-6222
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